Alpha Homeopathic Hospital offers Advanced and New-Age Homeopathy.  Modern Homeopathy is no more a slow and long treatment process. We promise quick and permanent relief using the most advanced technology and sophisticated software for disease diagnosis and treatment.These methods have been tried and tested by a multitude of extremely satisfied patients, both nationally and internationally. We Use combined experience of more than 170 years old science of Homeopathy With   13 years of our personal experience to provide you world-class homeopathic treatment solutions.

You can rely on us to get world class homeopathic solutions for your problems like:

Male & Female pattern baldness, Alopecia areata, Seborrhoeic dermatitis, Acne, Atopic dermatitis, Lichenplanus, Eczema, Contact dermatitis, Melasma, Psoriasis Vitiligo, Urticaria, Ichthyosis, Anxiety disorders, Obesessive compulsive disorders, Depressive disorders, Bipolar mood disorders, Schizophrenia, Stress related disorders, Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation.

All human beings, like other living things are vulnerable to all types of diseases and sicknesses. Some of these are preventable while some are simply comes as an attack.

Diseases have been with mankind since creation, and that is the reason the Creator made provisions for healing both through divine intervention and herds.

What is disease? Diseases is any abnormal condition in the body brought about either by unfavourable environments or parasitic agencies.

There are orthodox,traditional and even spiritual forms of healing  Another type of healing, which has eluded mankind bur has proven very effective is homeopathic.

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Dr. Owuraku Junior is the CEO of Alpha Homeopathic Clinic, Nkawkaw and a member of the Homeopathic Association respectively Ghana.