In recent times, hardly a week passes by without news of someone committing suicide. The situation is rather aggravating when children are the victims. It is however sad to mention that most of these suicide victims lives in the same house with their relatives. There is no denying the fact that most of these people commit suicide due to depression. One is at a loss why relatives are unable to pick up the signals?  It is clear from the above that many people are ignorant of the signs of depression.

Depression is a mental state of extreme sadness and pessimism in which normal behavior patterns are disturbed. It is accompanied by feelings of worthlessness, guilt, tiredness and a lack of interest in people. Persons suffering from depression also tend to lose concentration and the ability to think clearly. People in this condition often find it difficult to sleep at night. They either lose their appetite and loss weight or alternatively overeat and in the process gain more weight. As the person suffering from depression continues in this state of hopelessness, thereby withdrawing from people, thoughts of committing suicide takes over.

Most people experience feeling of depression at some stage in life. This may be related to traumatic events such as bereavement or loss of employment. However, the person must remain in this condition for at least one month for the condition to be termed “clinically depressed.”

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