The hustle and the bustle of life have caused many people to ignore healthy eating habits. Most of the time, our meals consist mainly of junk food just because it is easier and faster to prepare. During festive seasons, we cannot help but overeat calorie-loaded foods that accumulate in our body and becomes fat when it is not expended.

On the other hand, the undigested food residue that is accumulated in our intestine develops into toxins and other complications leading to sickness and even death.

Unfortunately, our intestines are the most neglected part of the body. This leads to a high incidence of colon cancer. Supposing our intestine is the dumping ground in a city, and for months, the garbage is not collected. Can you imagine how terrible the place would look like? Rodents and flies will have multiplied and spawning a variety of disease and illnesses.

The function of the colon is just like the dumping ground. An intestine congested with food residue is just like a dumping grounded that has been left unattended to. If we do not clean it in time, toxins will start to accumulate; beneficial bacteria would begin to decrease while harmful bacteria will start to increase. This would    result in many kinds of diseases and health problems.

If waste matter is allowed to accumulate in our intestines and to remain lodged in the internal intestinal walls over a period of time, harmful by-products are produced. These are ultimately absorbed into the blood stream causing dysfunction of the liver and upsetting our body’s metabolic system.

This condition is known as “Coprostasis,”the underlying factor of several chronic diseases. Colon Cancer is predicted to be the number one killer in the 21st century. It is therefore wise to pay attention to what we eat as well as take good care of our colon in order to prevent deadly diseases.

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