Mental disorders are diseases of the brain and nervous system. Persons who by reason of mental defect or disorder are unable to reach what is considered as a   reasonable standard of behavior or transgress what are considered to be reasonable limits of conduct and are classed as mentally deranged. The chief symptoms of the disease are classified as follows.

Disorder of Behavior: The patient exhibits over activity or violent excitement. Retardation of mental and physical activity is seen in as the patient attempts suicide. It may be followed by a refusal to do a thing which the patient may be asked to do. Rather the patient will do the opposite. Here, the patient is under the influence of an irresistible urge to do certain acts although he may know that he is doing wrong. He may have the inclination to set fire to his own house. This is referred to as pyromania.

The patient may have the desire to steal, known as kleptomania, or develop an uncontrollable craving for alcoholic drinks. This craving is referred to as dipsomania.

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