Homoeopathy is a system of treatment which is based on the law.“Similia Similibus Curantur,” a Latin phrase meaning “Let Likes is treated by Likes.” In other words, it is the use of very small amounts of natural substances that in large amounts would cause illness.

Homoeopathy looks at the whole person, not just the illness a person suffers from in administering treatment.

Homoeopathy was invented by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann; a great Allopathic Doctor who lived in Germany from 1755 to 1843.The system of Homoeopathic practice was discovered approximately 150 years ago.

Homoeopathic medicines are of special value in the treatment of unexpected medical emergencies and first aid treatment for many of the minor and sometimes major injuries. It has been estimated that there are about two thousand Homeopathic drugs.

Although this system of health delivery is available in Ghana, some people are unaware, while others equate it to herbal medicine practice.

Alpha Homoeopathic and Botanic Clinic at Nkawkaw is one of the few places in Ghana that has chalked a lot of successes in the field of Homoeopathic practice. The clinic has, through Homeopathy provided efficacious treatment for persons suffering from several diseases. This book comes in two volumes; the first part identifies certain tropical diseases common in Ghana and their characteristics. The second volume presents positive attitudes and diets you must adopt in order to promote your health.  This is the first published material in the series of talks delivered by Dr. Owireku Junior, on his   daily radio broadcast “Health Tit Bits” on OBUOBA 91.7 FM, at Nkawkaw. It is my hope that readers would find this material useful in as we all strive to achieve quality health.

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